New Discovery in DNA Repair!

CC Image from Google

CC Image from Google

By: Patrick J.

In recent research into the process of DNA repair on a molecular level, biologist at Duke Cancer Institute have discovered a complex issue. The tightly wound DNA in the cell nucleus (called a nucleosome) is the downfall to natural DNA repair; the DNA is simply too tight. If an issue in sequencing or damage occurs deep in the complexity of the DNA coils, there is little chance of the cell being able to use proteins and nucleic acids to self-repair the DNA.
What the researchers at Duke Cancer Institute discovered is the need to use proteins to disrupt the nucleosome. When the nucleosome can be disrupted – loosened – then DNA repair can be properly preformed.
This is significant in cancer therapy because it will allow for the DNA of tumor cells to be manipulated to be more sensitive to radiation treatment. Future DNA modifications are also possible with the knowledge of the DNA repair process. (Read more…)


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