Sleeping with the Fishes

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Matthew W.

We all know that the hotter it gets, the lazier you feel. If it gets too hot and/or humid, most people don’t feel like doing anything besides laying in the shade. Apparently fishes, especially larger ones, know exactly how we feel. A team of researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University found that larger fishes are becoming lazier as the ocean temperature rises because of global warming. They spend more time resting on the ocean floor, which I suppose would be the aquatic equivalent of laying in the shade. This could become a problem in future generations of fish because these lethargic fishes are less enthusiastic about finding food or mates. Fortunately, some populations of fish were able to adapt to the change in water temperature. We can only hope that the other populations of fish will follow and adapt as well. (Read more…)


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