Fishing for a Cure

CC Image from Google

CC Image from Google

By: Rebecca S.

Of all animals who would have thought zebrafish could help find a cure for dravet syndrome. (A form of pediatric epilepsy) Well I didn’t but they are helping! The zebrafish has been studied and is a good model for DS. The fish carry a certain mutation of the disease making them a good way to test potential treatments. They found that the zebrafish with the mutation have some of the same symptoms as children with DS. The fish will randomly convulse and have spurts of hyperactivity. They tested some of the current medicines used to for DS and have the same response in the zebrafish as the children. The scientists have found ways to test 100 fish at once so they can quickly gather data on the drugs they use. Hopefully using the zebrafish while result in new ways to help those with DS. (Read more…)


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