Deadly Wind Turbines

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Matthew W.

An article recently published in BioScience estimated that 600,000-900,000 bats died in the year 2012 due to wind turbines in the United States. They can not only be killed by colliding with the wind turbine blades but also by the trauma caused by sudden changes in the air pressure around the spinning blades. It is difficult to predict how this will affect bat populations in the United States because of the limited information and research on the population of bats, however Mark Hayes, the author of the article, also states that the bat population is currently being pressured by climate changes and disease, specifically the white nose syndrome. Bats are an important part of their ecosystems. They function as insect-eaters and pollinators of certain types of plants. More research should be done on preservation of bats in the United States in order to prevent the bat population from dropping further. Bat populations increase very slowly, so it would take a long time for them to recover if their population dropped too much. (Read more…)


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