Can we save the elephants?

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Nikki M.

Elephants are one of the most popular animals in the world. They are well liked and one of the animals that are most like humans. They have the same mind set as humans. They have the same emotions, they know who their family members are, they have the same feelings for death, they mourn the loss of loved ones, and they have different personalities. People have always hunted for elephants for something as tiny as a tooth. Their most popular hunt is for the ivory. China and Japan have the most sales for the ivory. They are trying to get the Chinese and Japanese people to agree on the stop of the hunting. Estimates show that 36,000 elephants are killed annually, which is also an elephant dying every 15 minutes. They have made hunting for elephants illegal but some hunters don’t listen. They have arrested 1,406 poachers and Vets have treated over 500 wounded elephants. (Read more…)


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