An Amazing Find Down Under

CC Image from Wikipedia

CC Image from Wikipedia

By: Alex R.

Earlier this year in the month of March, Dr. Conrad Hoskin and Dr. Tim Laman got to visit Cape Melville, Australia (which is in the Cape York Peninsula), which has a diverse, tropical rainforest-type environment with a mountain range. What they discovered was an ecosystem that had been isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years. The most interesting creatures that they discovered were the Cape Melville Leaf-tailed Gecko/Saltuarius eximius (a nocturnal reptile), the Cape Melville Shade Skink/Saproscincus saltus (a golden-skinned, leaping reptile), and the Blotched Boulder-frog/Cophixalus petrophilus (a frog that lays its eggs in the moist cracks of rocks and lets the tadpoles grow in the eggs). It is thought that Cape Melville holds potential for future discovery-making trips. (Read more…)


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