The Black Rhino Says Goodbye

CC Image from Flicker

CC Image from Flicker

By: Austin L.

During this week, the west african rhino was declared extinct due to over poaching.
Humanity’s stupidity and selfishness strikes once more. due to the over poaching of the west African Black Rhino, they have been declared extict, Adding to the hundreds of other species that humans have removed from are planet. Truly a great shame. The failure to give severe sentences to poachers and limited anti-poaching laws have lead to their demise. (Read more…)


2 thoughts on “The Black Rhino Says Goodbye

  1. I was actually lucky enough to see one of the last captive white rhinos at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago. It looked like an everyday rhino that you see in magazines, so it was shocking to know that the rhino was near extinct. I agree that humans are too aggressive, and are now killing rare animals just for fun, not for survival or population control. This website from the international rhino foundation says that every 13 hours, another rhino is killed in South Africa, and has advice on how to end poaching

  2. I agree with you, Austin, humans are very aggressive towards creatures of our own planet. It really is a shame, to see beautiful creatures killed off in the name of greed, or what have you. Poaching laws aren’t taken as seriously as I think they should be — human consumption of our own animal life is out of control.

    Devin B

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