Could Jellyfish be energy-saving?

CC Image from Google

CC Image from Google

By: Alexis B.

In August 2013, Moon jellyfish invaded the water intakes of Swedish Nuclear power plant. American Researchers were very interested in the jellyfish with how they live, swim and eat. First they wanted to study how the Moon jelly swam, it will contract its bell and then will proceed to push water behind it, and then that is how the jellyfish moves itself forward. After that happens the jelly then starts the “cycle” all over again. The American Researchers found that when the Moon jellyfish was doing the “cycle” the second time it barely did any work or energy to move itself forward. The second push basically helped with 30 percent of the distance moved by the jellyfish. They also tried this with jellies that were “put under” or anesthetized, their recovery phase and kick were like a reflex. Dr Gemmell said “This is why the jelly has so much energy to spend on reproduction, producing these problematic population explosions.” (Read more…)


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