Clay Could Be Your Ancient Ancestor

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Tulani M.

New study shows that life might have originated from pockets of mineral deposits inside clay. Through experimenting with clay in a simulation of an ancient ocean, scientists discovered that clay created hydrogels that might have had similar conditions to those needed to create life on earth billions of years ago. Clay could have acted as a hydrogel and chemicals inside the clay pockets interacted, carrying out chemical reactions that eventually created all the parts needed for a cell to live. (Read more…)


One thought on “Clay Could Be Your Ancient Ancestor

  1. No questions that life on Earth came to be once conditions were right, but the predecessor unit which all the organic stuff came from: unknown. Clay’s a good guess, though, most of the logic is right. It was there around the time life would have begun forming during the timeline of Earth, it has all the basic stuff for life, and it’s still pretty prominent and important today, at least in Ceramics class it is. But clay is quite the inorganic material, but buuuut, organic things are essentially inorganic things that came together to make things that are cool and do cycles and stuff because that’s how the world works and then they became more and more complex and eventually sentient and then we came along and called stuff like us organic things. I mean, ‘inorganic’ things also pretty much do things in cycles, but it’s on a huge scale, like the gravity and recycling of the solar systems and galaxies coming back to the central point from which they expanded outward and eventually the recreation of the entire universe. But that’s a different story to us. Organic things and life as we know it are pretty limited as far as contact goes: things on this planet. We are made of stardust, so yeah space and things are important, but we’re also made of stardust, and instinct tells us we’re the center of our universe, so most people would rather make money for food than study about Astrophysics and nebulae they’ll never be able to see with their own eyes (unless you can do both in which case awesome). We’re limited. Here on Earth, living things make colonies and do stuff together and have rituals and cycles we all go through, yet we came from clay. It’s like that ancient religion where people sat in a clay room and ate clay in the afterlife. They had the right idea. Truth is, inorganic or organic, things exist, and we acknowledge that. We just sort of do our thing, like those ancient bacteria started to do a few billion years ago, and like the Earth’s core started to do a few more billion years ago, and so on. Clay is great and all, but what made clay? The gathering of dead star particles to make more stars and planets and things like that, that’s what. Clay specifically, though, is pretty rare around these parts, so it’s precious to us in that it likely led up to all we know now, and the fact we can know stuff. Thanks, clay. We salute you.

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