A Walk for a Huge Cause

CC Image from Google

CC Image from Google

By: Mallory R.

On October 4th 2013, thousands of people around the globe joined the “International March for Elephants.” This is a campaign by David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to get people to realize how endanger Elephants really are. As surprising at it seems, Elephants actually share the same emotions that us humans do. They know who their family is, and they even understand death. Elephants can sense if a loved one has died, be mischievous, hold a grudge, and even cry. Elephants even have some attributes that the human body and mind lacks. They can communicate over long distances, and even sense seismic sound through their feet. Although these animals are extraordinary, poachers seem to overlook it. Poaching Elephants is not a new tragedy, but something that has been happening since the 1970s. Through these campaigns, 1,406 poachers have been arrested and over 500 wounded Elephants have been nurtured back to health. Help make a better tomorrow, today. (Read more…)


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