Tasting the Rainbow

CC Image from Flicker

CC Image from Flicker

By: Katie E.

What if you could taste a color or smell a sound? The confusion of the five senses is a phenomenon some people have called synesthesia. People with synesthesia experience one sense along with another sense. A common form of synesthesia is grapheme-to-color where numbers and letters take on different colors. That isn’t the only form, though; sound-to-color synesthesia, where people hear sounds and have certain colors come to mind, exists as well as lexical-gustatory synesthesia, when someone can taste flavors when they see a color. (Read more…)


One thought on “Tasting the Rainbow

  1. I loved your article Katie! Synesthesia is a very unique condition, one that I find interesting. For instance, some people see different colors when listening to a certain song or genre of music. Imagine what people with synesthesia see when they listen to Skrillex! The book “A Mango Shaped Space” deals with a main character who has this condition, and it was neat to see how it affected her life. This article: http://www.apa.org/monitor/mar01/synesthesia.aspx also gives detailed cases of how synesthesia can affect people. I hope you find it interesting!

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