Fido Can Feel!

CC Image from Flicker

CC Image from Flicker

By: Jordan M.

A new study suggests dogs are “emotionally connected” to humans, and their yawns could be a sign of empathy towards their owners. In fact, when the owners of the dogs pretended to yawn, the dogs yawned less than when their owners yawned for real. This suggests that dogs somehow, someway can feel our emotions. (Read more…)


One thought on “Fido Can Feel!

  1. Interesting theory, and I don’t necessarily doubt it, but I’d just like to comment about how dogs’ empathy and other conscious feelings are likely to be very different from how we would normally perceive it to be. I mean, empathy is great and all that, but dog feelings are complex things of nature we may never understand. Or maybe we can, but we don’t know that yet. Dogs were essentially evolved from a symbiosis with humans and were objectively bred to assist us with their dog ways. We also come from a common ancestor, albeit from a few million years ago, but we’re not very alike, and yet we are. Dogs mainly function on instinct, as well, and as far as I can tell they do more so than humans do, so their worries are probably just about survival. But caring and love are the same nonetheless, right? Well, who knows. To see through a dog’s eyes hasn’t really been done yet. Well, we can tell what color spectra they see by analyzing the rods and cones and components of their eyes, but to see out of them and sense their perspective cannot be done on a biological standpoint. I’d imagine it’d be like trying to comprehend or exist in a world where pi= 3.15; it can’t be done, since everything would change. But I mean, they do just fine being dogs, but they don’t have the prior knowledge or feeling of being in a human’s body or otherwise, unless you’re Tim Allen in The Shaggy Dog. Anyway, I could be wrong, since it’d be stupid to assume dogs cannot feel complex emotions, since we just don’t know; it’s just very unlikely for it to be true, yet anything could happen with our crazy, entropic universe. Or they could just be dumb dogs, but we love them anyway, and they love us. I’m just trying to say there’s a hypothetical metaphorical doorway serving as a scientific barrier between our perception and dogs’, and while we try to surpass it to come to an either mutual or unrequited understanding, we may or may understand what is on the other side.

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