Elephants Can Communicate With Us!

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Mia C.

When people want to get someone else’s attention, they naturally point at objects to explain something. However, recently researchers reporting in Current Biology have discovered that elephants point to things as well, and they use it to find food. This tells us that the ability to communicate by pointing could have been evolved by a lineage of primates. Animals that were raised in the wild are adapted to pointing to things just as much as elephants born in captivity, proven by Richard Byrne of the University of St Andrews, as well as Anna Smet. Elephants naturally know how to communicate with each other and with humans, as we have also relied on wild elephants for logging, transport, or war. Unlike other animals, they have never been domesticated to play that important of a role in peoples’ lives. Elephants seem to understand humans on a deeper level that cats, dogs, and camels don’t. (Read more…)


2 thoughts on “Elephants Can Communicate With Us!

  1. There sure are lots of elephant related articles. I think I’ll join you.
    And my two cents: elephants and humans may share many similarities, but subjectively humans are just the type of creature to go, “Hmm… Anything that has a likeness to us must be good.” Well, perhaps it just sounds jerkish and is actually our subconscious trying to find something in common with things like two people would do on a date to connect with each other, or maybe we’re just narcissistic. I know I am. Anyway, we can’t know the elephants’ story for sure, but perhaps it’d be better to go the simpler route and just accept them as they are and appreciate their offerings of peanuts, and we can all be friends, and I’m gonna shut up now since I always go into weird tangents. S, signing out.

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