Can Social Networking Increase Intelligence?

CC Image from Flicker

CC Image from Flicker

By: Anabelle P.

Believe it or not, it’s true! Social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook are actually proven to increase communication skills, promote critical thinking, and increase a motivation for being better at your writing. By being forced to think and communicate publicly, people are more likely to put thought into their words, which may have a larger effect than most people think. (Read more…)


One thought on “Can Social Networking Increase Intelligence?

  1. Very interesting article, Anabelle! I have always thought of social networking as more of a harm than a help, because of too much focus on a screen. However, as your article pointed out, posting a paragraph on social media for an audience that shows an actual interest in your writing can stimulate young people and push them to write more. Your brain carries a reward section(nucleus accumbens), which is also tied to reactions from sex, food, and money, and when you receive a positive message or comment regarding your work via social media, it is carried to your brain’s reward section, which in turn becomes more active. One of the reasons that social media could stimulate your brain to boost intelligence is because of the positive reactions to comments or articles they may post! Check out this article on brain stimulation on facebook:

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