What do we do while we sleep?

CC Image from Wikimedia

CC Image from Wikimedia

By: Brantley H.

When we sleep we often think of it as a dormant time when our body doesn’t do much but in fact it’s quite the opposite. While you sleep a lot of energy is designated to flushing the brain of toxins, some that are even linked with Alzheimer’s disease, from within your brain cells by shrinking them and making it easier for the fluids to leave the cells but when you wake up they grow back to normal size once more and continue their normal functions. This may help explain why when you don’t have a full nights rest you feel slightly hazy. (Read more…)


2 thoughts on “What do we do while we sleep?

  1. I have always found sleeping and dreaming to be fascinating subjects of study. Even though dreaming is not directly mentioned, there is evidence that dreaming serves a similar role (i.e. flushing out waste). In this case however, the “waste” could be short-term memory (RAM) that can either be moved to long-term memory (saved files) or erased (recycle bin, then deletion). With such a complex phemomenon as human slee, it serves other purposes as well, because with the human brain, thier are few simple phenomena.

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