Mom! Watch Out!

CC Images from Wikimedia

CC Images from Wikimedia

By: Sheena P.

According to the new research conducted in Denmark, children exposed in the womb to two chlorinated chemicals are more likely to develop asthma by the age of twenty. The children of women with high concentration HCB and PCB-118 are twice as likely to be on asthma medication compared to women who don’t have high concentrations of HCB and PCB-118. This study was the first to link asthma to hexaclorobenzene and polychlorinated biphenyls. The blood of eight hundred and seventy two Danish women was tested for these pollutants. Surprisingly, PCB was widely used for decades in electrical equipment until it was banned in 1977 and HCB was used as a pesticide until 1965. Both of these organic compounds do not degrade easily and accumulate in the tissue of humans. People are most commonly exposed to these organic compounds by eating fish. Previous studies suggest that PCBs and HCBs harm the developing immune systems in children which will inevitably cause a chronic immune disorder, such as Asthma. (Read more…)


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