Go Break Cancers Shield!

CC Image from Google

CC Image from Google

By: Sheena P.

Cancer is literally a battle. For more than a century, researchers couldn’t grasp the idea of cancer. They knew that cancer cells are abnormal and should be eliminated by the white blood cells. Why can cancers survive? Cancers avoid attacks from the immune system by using the body’s own brakes to shut down the immune system. Finally in recent years, researchers discovered that cancers were able to wrap themselves in a invisible protective shield along and they discovered a strategy that can help break into that shield with the right drug. These drugs have been tested on patients with melanoma, kidney and lung cancer, and these drugs proved to help these patients. These drugs have also been effective in breast, ovarian, and stomach cancer, but unfortunately not prostate cancer. It is too early to get excited at the results of this drug but it’s amazing to see a glimpse of hope for cancer patients. (Read more…)


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