Musical Mice

CC Image from Wikipedia

CC Image from Wikipedia

By: Rasheem E.

The Alston’s singing mouse and Chiriqui singing mouse are two mice types of mice that sing to fend enemies away from them. The miniture mouses are located in the Costa Rican area. Scientists took mouses from the Costa Rican forest and found that they change the amplitude and frequency of their calls. The Chiriqui mice sang when they spot enemies in their area. The smaller Alston’s mice only sing when other species cross its boundries. Males of both mice use their calls to also atract partners. The other gender will increase it’s frequency of speech when its in a reproductive condition. (Read more…)


One thought on “Musical Mice

  1. Mice are one of my favorite animals, and music is one of my favorite things to do. A very interesting article, especially using singing to ward off predators. I also did not know that mice use music to avoid conflict (now I want to find out what mouse fights look like). The complexity of the songs could almost be described as “speech,” but I would imagine there is some really complex definition of “speech/”

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