Intelligent Bionics

CC Image from Wikipedia

CC Image from Wikipedia

By: Emily W.

Prosthetic limbs and exoskeleton suits are advancing to suit the needs of amputees and the paralyzed. Scientists at ARGO Medical have developed what they call the “Rewalk” suit. It is “brain controlled” and monumental for people who have lost (or never had) use of their legs. (Read more…)


One thought on “Intelligent Bionics

  1. I actually have a trainer that lost his leg in the war. He has a prosthetic leg and he’s very open about it. He jokes all the time complaining that he cannot do things like I can. I think that the Rewalk would be great for him, he could have full motion in his leg. This would be especially great because it’s only 27 pounds, that’s crazy! I’m so glad that this new technology is being invented. I think it is very important that veterans, who have risked their lives, and other people who most of the time don’t do anything to deserve not to have a leg, have a way to live a normal life as well as they can.

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