Fountain of Youth Anyone?

CC Image from Flicker

CC Image from Flicker

By: Sheena P.

Everyone has heard of vitamin supplements that promote healthy living, but has anyone heard of a vitamin that prolongs life? Scientists from ETH Zurich have conducted an extensive experiment that tests the effects of Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3. Scientists have increased the worms lives for about one tenth longer than normal. The main reason behind this discovery are reactive oxygen species. These species are known to be unhealthy for cells and cause oxidative stress. Antioxidants are known to neutralize these free radicals, but is it really? Researchers have found out that it might be another compound called polyphenols. Contradictory to these theories, reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress have a healthy impact. Another cool fact about Niacin is that it mimics exercise! According to Michael Ristow, Niacin tricks the body into believing that it is working out! Niacin has also been proven to help humans with high blood cholesterol levels, implying that although the effects of the uptake in Niacin are undetermined for humans, it can still be explored for new discoveries. (Read more…)


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