How to Scare Elephants… For their own good.

CC Image from Wikipedia

CC Image from Wikipedia

By: Abby B.

When an African elephant hears a lions roar it listens to tell if it is male or female. Males tend to attack more than females, so the elephant knows when he needs to escape before he gets attacked. Farmers have startes to use recordings of male lion roars to scare away the elephants and not ruin their crops. A scientist heard about a man in India who played a recording of a tigers growl to scare the elephant. So he decided to test the experiment to see if it it works. He used night cameras to record the elephants to see how they react to different lions roars. (Read more…)


One thought on “How to Scare Elephants… For their own good.

  1. It isn’t just the experts who can lend a hand in conservation. Common people with innovative ideas can have just as much impact as group of experts with the most advanced technology. The recordings are an example of a mutually beneficial solution, as well as one that doesn’t cost billions of dollars to deploy and maintain.

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