Imported Frogs Spread Disease

By: Natalie S.

An epidemic fungus is spreading and killing American-native amphibians that began in imported African frogs. The problem is a result of pregnancy test studies from 1940-1960 that required injecting human urine into African clawed frogs. The hormones present in the urine of a pregnant human would alter the rate of egg maturation in the frog. After testing, some test subjects were released into the wild, unknowingly carrying a deadly fungus. The animals that had the fungus were immune to its effects; however, their more-susceptible counterparts contracted the disease, resulting in the population decline of an estimated 200 amphibian species. To make matters worse, the import/export of African frogs across the world has contributed to its spread. In fact, in one zoo where the disease was found, it spread to a number of animals on the property.Click here to read the story.


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